The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your Refrigerator

Is your refrigerator in need of cleaning?

If a refrigerator is not cleaned regularly, it can become home to more than 3000 species of bacteria. Many of these are harmful to humans, and some are even fatal in some cases. That is why it’s so vital to keep refrigerators clean.

But cleaning a refrigerator can seem like a daunting task. So we’re here to help! We put together this article to give you the ultimate refrigerator cleaning guide. We’ll tell you how to clean the inside and outside of your fridge, and it’s entirely safe, not just for you but also for all your loved ones.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Unplugging and Emptying All the Contents

Cleaning your refrigerator starts with unplugging it and emptying all its contents. First, you need to disconnect the power cord from the outlet. Doing this requires checking the owner’s manual for proper instructions. You should also check for any food or liquids that have spilled and clean them up before removing the contents.

The next step is to empty all of the contents. Open the doors and take out all items, such as food, condiments, and other items stored in the fridge. Place all food items in a cooler with ice to keep them fresh while you clean and disinfect the refrigerator.

Take Out All the Shelves, Drawers, and Bins

Take out all the shelves, drawers, and bins and lay them on a clean, dry surface. Make sure to use a cleaning solution that is safe to use on food containers. Or prepare warm, soapy water in a sink or large bucket.

Use a mild dishwashing liquid so as not to leave any residue. Submerge each shelf, drawer, and bin into the soapy water and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Using a small brush, scrub any tough areas and then rinse with clean water.

Once completed, allow them to air dry or take out a clean towel and dry the inside and outside of the shelves, drawers, and bins before putting them back in the refrigerator. This process should be done every few months to keep your refrigerator clean and free of bacteria or mould.

Disinfect It With a Mild Solution

Cleaning and disinfecting your refrigerator with a mild solution of vinegar and water is an effective way to maintain a safe, healthy, and clean environment. The key to this task is to mix a solution of water and vinegar in equal parts. Once you have the solution ready, begin by taking all the food items, drawers, and shelves out of the refrigerator and setting them aside.

Next, wipe down the entire interior, including the sides, shelves, and walls, with a damp cloth or sponge soaked in the vinegar and water solution. Finally, rinse the interior of the refrigerator with clean water and allow it to air dry. This will not only help disinfect the refrigerator but also reduce any unwanted odours.

Make sure to clean the food items, drawers, and shelves before placing them back in the refrigerator.

Replace the Shelves, Bins, and Drawers

Once done cleaning, replace the shelves, bins, and drawers and place the food items back in an organized manner. Group similar items in the bins or drawers, or organize by type.

Do a quick scan of the expiration dates and be sure all food items are kept up to date. Prioritize food that will expire quickly. Make sure the shelves and bins are not overcrowded, as that can cause spoilage.

Clean the Exterior of Your Refrigerator

It is important to remember to sanitize any drawers, shelves, or bins that previously contained raw meat, eggs, or fish. Cleaning your refrigerator is essential to keep your food fresh and to prevent the spread of bacteria.

To wipe down the exterior of your refrigerator and make it ready to use again, begin by unplugging it and moving it away from the wall. Once it is out in the open, use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior of the fridge, paying special attention to door handles and any grooves or crevices. Allow the exterior to dry completely before plugging your refrigerator back in.

Make sure no clogs or dirt obstructing the fan and that all connections, such as the water valve, are secure. Once these tasks are finished, your refrigerator is in top condition and ready to use again.

Follow This Clean Your Refrigerator Guide

Following these ways how to clean your refrigerator, you should now have an organized and spotless appliance. Start by unplugging and emptying all the contents, taking out all the shelves, drawers, and bins, disinfecting them, replacing the shelves, bins, and drawers, and cleaning the exterior. Remind yourself to regularly sanitize and clean the appliance to keep it germ-free and running smoothly.

Don’t forget to share this guide with your family and friends; your household will thank you for your expertise!

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